Energy storage – who benefits?

Energy storage – who benefits?

Helpful insights from Good Energy on grid-scale battery storage, commercial and domestic storage. The economics of home batteries don't work for everyone though costs continue to fall.  The systems available, and their installers, vary in quality and reliability.  Government policy does not recognise and reward the wider environmental benefits offered by domestic energy storage systems. … Continue reading Energy storage – who benefits?


It’s time to try a money-back scheme on plastic bottles

Plastic deposit schemes could significantly reduce littering in our streets and marine environments based on evidence from Wales, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and even Australia.  Some local authorities are concerned this initiative might undermine existing kerbside schemes.  Why don't we pilot plastic deposit schemes to make a proper assessment? Read full article       … Continue reading It’s time to try a money-back scheme on plastic bottles

Towards zero carbon urban farming

Philadelphia will soon have the world’s first solar powered indoor vertical farm.  The site offers multiple advantages from revitalising abandoned spaces, to limited use of pesticides, and locally grown food powered by renewable energy.  Watch this space.... Read full blog